Feuerhand Baby Special 276

For more than 100 years it has been reliably bringing light into darkness: The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 is a historical heritage that is still preserved today und still produced in Germany. The Feuerhand hurricane lantern still bears proudly the title “Made in Germany.”

Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern – resistant and sturdy

The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 is made of galvanised steel and is thus particularly resistant to corrosion. A large selection of coloured powder-coated models is available. Combined, the colourful hurricane lanterns create a cosy atmosphere in the garden or on the terrace. The heat-resistant Schott Suprax glass of the Feuerhand hurricane lantern protects the flame from wind and bad weather. The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 is thus well equipped for outdoor use and provides pleasant light for up to 20 hours.

Custom-made with Feuerhand

Turn our Feuerhand Baby Special 276 into your very own hurricane lantern. Upon request, we offer individual glass engraving (from a quantity of 10 lanterns up), personal embossing (from a quantity of 40 lanterns up) as well as custom-made colours from the RAL colour palette (from a quantity of 100 lanterns up). Get further information via e-mail.