Feuerhand Sticker
Why the Feuerhand Sticker is a small eye-catcher on your favourite accessory.high-quality logo print on pvc filmwater and light-resistant due to coating with UV varnishsuitable for exterior useThe Feuerhand Sticker is a small eye-catcher for Feuerhand fans. Whether on the favourite notebook or on the windscreen, there are infinite options for decoration. The high-quality outdoor sticker is coated with UV varnish and thus especially resistant against moisture or sunlight. Therefore, it is also suitable for exterior use. With the PVC sticker you always take along a small piece of Feuerhand. DirectionsStep 1: Support preparationClean deeply and remove grease stains. Apply besides some glass cleaner or some spirit.Step 2: Remove the release paperTurn the patterned side of the sticker over and peel the release paper off.Step 3: Sticker applicationPlace you sticker carefully on the application surface.Tip: Moisten the support lightly. The sticker does not immediately adhere because of the water. So you can take it off and replace it.Technical DetailsMaterial: PVC filmDimensions (H x W): 7 x 21 cmWeight: 4 gScope of delivery1 x Feuerhand Sticker


Feuerhand Tin Plate Sign
Why the Feuerhand Tin Plate Sign is a must have for your vintage collection.Made in Germany, suitable for original Feuerhand Hurricane LanternHigh-quality embossing in 3D.Nostalgic look with retro charm.The Feuerhand Tin Plate Sign is the ideal addition for your fan shelf. Rounded corners and pre-drilled holes ease hanging. The traditional Feuerhand logo and the nostalgic high-quality 3D embossing emphasise the retro charm and render the Tin Plate Sign a must-have for all vintage fans. As the original Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern the Tin Plate Sign is also made in Germany.Technical detailsMaterial: steel sheetDimensions: (W x H x D): 30 x 21 x 1 cmWeight: 220 gScope of delivery1 x Feuerhand Tin Plate Sign


Feuerhand Merchandise

When you hear the name Feuerhand, does it warm your heart instantly? If so, you can find some products right here that will make your fan heart skip a beat: Whether Stickers in a new Feuerhand design or a retro-style Feuerhand Tin Plate Sign with high-quality embossing – made in Germany, of course. With the Mesh Banner we offer you a non-see-through privacy screen for your garden. It is also ideal for retailers as a stylish eye-catcher for trade fairs and events. For you as a loyal customer of the German traditional brand Feuerhand we offer you the perfect merchandise here.