You would like to truly enjoy convivial occasions in your garden and rather invite your neighbours round than risk upsetting them? With Feuerhand, you can relax around the fire together with zero compromises. The revolutionised fireplaces by Feuerhand ideally combine modern design with the requirement for efficient, low-smoke combustion. As a result, evenings spent enveloped in light and warmth become unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

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The glow of fire without drawbacks

On cool spring and autumn days, mild summer evenings or even during the chilly winter months – gathering around a warming fire rewards people with precious moments when only the here and now matters. When designing our fireplaces, we focused on efficient and low-smoke combustion. The Tyropit Fire Bowl and the Pyron Fire Barrel reduce flue gases and provide an unimpeded view of the flickering flames.

Feuerhand Pyron
Why the Pyron Fire Barrel with smokeless effect is the ideal outdoor fireplace:• double-wall stainless-steel body with ventilation openings all round• effective and virtually smoke-free combustion thanks to sophisticated air-flow system• integral charcoal grate and removable ash dish for optimal positioning of fuel and easy cleaning • stable and protecting the ground from heat thanks to high support legs• multifunctional with the addition of the Pyron Plate to create a plancha grillThe Feuerhand Pyron enables you to relax around the fire so you can fully commit to enjoying cosy evenings with your guests. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this reliable fire barrel meets modern requirements and blends in harmoniously with the design of your terrace. The double-wall body is equipped with specially positioned ventilation openings, which are the reason why the Pyron Fire Barrel emits particularly low levels of smoke and soot on those mild summer evenings and cool autumnal days. The Pyron Fire Barrel is the ideal fireplace for roasting marshmallows or bread at a comfortable height. Even in colder temperatures the Pyron keeps you pleasantly warm without producing a lot of irritating smoke. The material is exceptionally durable and will develop a distinctive patina over time. Prepare to be mesmerised by the flickering flames and add the Pyron Plate for a plancha-style grilling experience and unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Technical detailsTop diameter (inside edge): approx. 29.5 cmTop diameter (outside edge): approx. 36.5 cmFloor space: 44.5 cmHeight with support legs: 74 cmMaterial: Stainless steelVolume for fuel: 25 litresW x H x D: 38.5 x 56.5 x 38.5 cmWeight: 10.6 kgScope of delivery1 x Cylindrical body (inner and outer casing riveted)1 x Charcoal grate1 x Ash dish with handles1 x Bottom3 x Mounting for the ash dish3 x Support leg6 x Allen screw6 x Washer1 x Allen wrench for installing the support legs1 x User manualGo to user manual >>


Fire Bowl Tyropit
Why the Tyropit Fire Bowl will be your garden’s crackling centrepiece:exceptionally even heat distribution due to flat build and double-wall stainless-steel body with ventilation openings all roundsturdy, heat-resistant body and three solid support legs for a sheltered fire and tilt-proof stabilityintegral heat shield to protect delicate ground underneathlow levels of soot and smoke in operation due to direct combustion of smoke gaseseasy to remove ash cleanly thanks to separate charcoal grate and removable ash dish The  Tyropit Fire Bowl spreads campfire romance in your garden for convivial gatherings and special moments around the crackling flames. The double-wall bodyin high-quality stainless steel protectively surrounds the wood fire and provides virtually smoke- and soot-free combustion thanks to specially positioned ventilation openings. Thus, you can celebrate long evenings full of light and warmth – in a way that is kind to the environment and to the neighbours.The Tyropit Fire Bowl made of stainless steel in industrial design is compelling for its efficiency and functionality. The material is exceptionally durable and will develop a distinctive patina over time. Three stable support legs provide for a firm stand on your terrace floor and the integral heat shield protects delicate surfaces underneath.Add a stainless-steel Tyropit Fire Bowl to your garden and savour the cosy atmosphere around the campfire together with your favourite people or on your own. Technical detailsTop diameter (outside edge): 57.8 cmTop diameter (inside edge): 50.6 cmFloor space: 62.3 cmHeight with support legs: 35.5 cmMaterial: Stainless steelW x H x D: 34.9 x 57 x 57 cmWeight: 12.1 kgScope of delivery1 x Cylindrical body (inner casing & outer casing, riveted)1 x Charcoal grate1 x Ash dish with domed spark guard1 x Heat shield3 x Mounting bracket with screw thread3 x Support leg6 x Allen screw6 x Washrt1 x Allen wrench for installing the support legs1 x User manualGo to User manual >>


Low smoke – how does that work?

The high-quality fireplaces made of stainless steel are equipped with a clever air-flow system. Ingeniously positioned ventilation openings ensure a continual supply of oxygen. At the same time, flue gases rise inside the double-wall body, are efficiently diverted, and directly combusted. This principle of secondary combustion reduces smoke levels and ensures that logs burn cleanly with minimal soot formation. Create a low-smoke campfire in your garden with the Tyropit or the Pyron.


Relax and enjoy thanks to reduced smoke

Easy-going evenings around the fire will become even more relaxed. Make the Tyropit Fire Bowl or the Pyron Fire Barrel the centre of your convivial gathering and you will always have a clear view thanks to low smoke levels. And if you are spending quiet time alone, you will be able to watch the dancing flames without disturbance and simply get lost in your thoughts. Fire on – goodbye daily routine! Without the smokiness you will get your money’s worth, and your neighbours will appreciate the absence of dark plumes of smoke thanks to low-smoke combustion. Come and relax with Feuerhand!

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