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Feuerhand Charcoal for Table Top Grill (1 kg)
What makes the Feuerhand Charcoal for Table Top Grill the ideal basis for barbecue enjoyment on the garden table: Made from European hardwoodOptimal size for operating the Feuerhand Table Top Grills; easy to measure outTasteless ignition coating made of purely natural ingredientsSafe and easy to ignite without barbecue lighters Charcoal glows quickly at a constant grill temperature for a lasting barbecue sessionThe Feuerhand Charcoal for Table Top Grill  is high-quality charcoal which has been specially developed for Feuerhand Table Top Grills. Thus, you can enjoy a great barbecue on your balcony or terrace. Applied in a patented process, the ignition coating is based on purely natural ingredients. It’s easy to simply light up with a match or stick lighter and your hands stay clean. The practical 1 kg refill pack provides evenings of relaxation with delicious grilled snacks, such as from the Feuerhand Tamber Table Top Grill. With just one portion of Charcoal for Table Top Grill  (approx. 140g) you can grill directly at your table for up to one and a half hours.The packaging is moisture-resistant and you can therefore store the Charcoal forTable Top Grill with ease and without any loss of quality. The Charcoal for Table Top Grill creates minimal ash residues which can simply be disposed of with other non-recyclable waste.You can find out more about how the Feuerhand Tamber works in the “Table Top Grill” section.Technical dataMaterial: charcoal, coatedWeight: 1 kgScope of delivery1 x Feuerhand Charcoal for Table Top Grill (1 kg)


Feuerhand Tamber Jet Black
Colour: Jet Black
What makes the Tamber the ideal Table Top Grill for enjoyable moments between just the two of you:Perfectly designed Table Top Grill, matching the Hurricane Lanterns Baby Special 276 in colour.Food does not stick due to the enamelled grilling grate with special drainage grooves for liquid food residuals. Evenly cooked food thanks to ventilation openings which provide a constant grill temperature.Genuine barbecue aroma with the Feuerhand Charcoal for Table Top Grill for a convenient grilling experience thanks to natural ignition coating.Tilt-proof stand and protection of the surface below thanks to the clever dual-purpose wooden coaster/lid.The Feuerhand Tamber is the ideal Table Top Grill for an intimate dinner with your favourite person where pleasure and personal taste come first. While your food is cooking over low heat on the handy Table Top Grill, you can be truly present in the moment and savour the small grilled delicacies directly at the table. The Tamber’s lid serves as a heat-resistant coaster for your table during the grilling process and ensures that your Table Top Grill sits safely. The Feuerhand Table Top Grill Charcoal featuring a purely natural ignition coating enables a quick and convenient use of the Tamber. The Tamber is ready for use in 15-20 minutes after lighting it and thanks to its components that are easily removed and cleaned, the Tamber makes your life easy even when the barbecue is over. The enamelled grilling grate is non-stick and is designed so that food liquids drain away while barbecuing with the help of special drainage grooves – it is also suitable for the dishwasher. Tip to round off the evening The Tamber’s lid that has reliably protected your table from high temperatures during the barbecue, can now serve as the perfect base for your Baby Special 276 Hurricane Lantern to light up the later evening hours. The Feuerhand Tamber Table Top Grill offers a conscious and versatile barbecue experience for a small, relaxed gathering and operates for up to 1.5 hours on just one portion of charcoal. Feuerhand Table Top Grill Charcoal is available separately in a refill pack (1 kg).You can find out more about how the Feuerhand Tamber works in the “Table Top Grill” section.Technical dataMaterials: steel, paintedDiameter of corpus: 20 cmDiameter of grilling grate: 19.3 cmHeight with lid: 14 cmTotal weight (incl. lid): 1.9 kgColour choices: Jet BlackScope of delivery1 x Feuerhand Tamber Jet Black, cylindrical corpus (steel)1 x grilling grate (enamelled)1 x burner with heat protection (stainless steel)1 x lid / coaster with logo (wood)1 x starter pack Feuerhand Table Top Grill Charcoal1 x user manualGo to User manual >>